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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns at Crestview Dental GroupDental crowns are relatively common dental procedures. Crowns are basically a cap, which we place over a tooth that has some type of problem. Once a crown has been cemented into its final place, it is quite secure and able to be used like a normal tooth. Plus, it covers the old tooth and comes down to just above the gum line. If you need help with dental crowns, the experienced professionals here at Crestview Dental Group can help.

What Should I Consider a Dental Crown?

There are many common reasons to need dental crowns. For example, if you have a root canal, you want a crown to be placed on top to keep the structural integrity of your tooth intact. Any type of weakened tooth can be strengthened by having a crown placed on top. Crowns can also hold a cracked tooth together and keep it from breaking completely. When teeth get worn down, a crown can help protect the tooth it covers. Plus, a crown is able to help hold a large filling in place where there may not be much tooth remaining after a cavity.

Crowns can be used to help with other restorations or cosmetic procedures as well. If you have a dental bridge, crowns are used to hold that bridge in place. Teeth with poor shapes or poor color can also be covered with dental crowns. If you simply need a modification done to a tooth for cosmetic reasons, crowns are the ideal answer. Plus, after getting a dental implant, a crown is placed on top to help restore function to your bite and allow you to have normal chewing and speaking habits once more.

What Does a Crown Entail?

The first step in getting a dental crown is coming in to see us. We need to look at the tooth that is there, and see how healthy it is. Once we are sure the tooth is healthy, we can then file the tooth down just enough to hold the crown securely. For those that do not have much tooth left, we can actually build the structure of the tooth back up, making a crown possible. We then take impressions of the specific tooth the crown will go on, plus the teeth surrounding that tooth and the opposing arch. That way, when your crown is made, we can be sure that it won’t stick out and cause trouble with your bite.

We then have the crown made and you will come back once we receive it from the dental lab. From there, we cement the crown in place, check the crown for comfort and positioning, and make any adjustments necessary to ensure it works precisely as it should. After that, you go on your way with a healthy, strong, and beautiful looking crown.

If you would like to find out if any of your teeth could benefit from a dental crown, give us a call. We can help. The dentists here at Crestview Dental Group know how much of a difference a crown can make, and we would be happy to see if you would be able to enjoy the benefits of a crown. Contact us today at 408-248-1012!

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A crown is a covering that will wrap and protect the entire surface of a tooth, allowing it to look and function just like the original tooth. Schedule your appointment online.
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