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Root Canal Therapy
Santa Clara, CA

At Crestview Dental Group, we can restore the health of your tooth if the pulp has become infected. Root Canal Therapy is a dental procedure that we perform to not cause pain, but to remove the source of pain. Dr. Wallis will literally get to the root of the problem, and then strengthen the tooth, allowing the patient to resume normal function.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal has become one of those terms that brings about fear and dread in a lot of people. We are here to assure you, that the real fearful part is not taking care of the infection, we don’t want our patients ignoring tooth pain. A root canal is a dental procedure that Dr. Wallis performs to clear the root of infected material. An infected root will not heal on its own, if the infection remains untreated, it will work to kill the tooth and possibly infect neighboring teeth. Eventually, the tooth will require extraction.

Many patients wonder how the root became infected in the first place, some causes are obvious, and others are less. Common causes for a root canal procedure are due to:

•  Untreated Cavity:An untreated cavity, caused by decay, will continue to decay until resolved. The decay causing bacteria will work its way through the layers of the tooth, eventually making its way into the pulp. When bacteria has reached the pulp of your tooth, this can be very painful.
•  Fractures in the Tooth:We are aware of large fractures in our teeth, but sometimes patients experience miniscule fractures that they are not aware of. These tiny hairline fractures allow space for bacteria to enter. This can then lead to infection.
•  Multiple Procedures on One Tooth:Patients express confusion how multiple procedures can induce an infection. There are a couple of possibilities with this cause for infection, first, though bacteria is attempted to be eliminated, sometimes bacteria can be missed. In addition, filling material can shrink with time, allowing space for bacteria to find its way into the tooth.

Are Root Canals painful?

The root canal procedure itself is not painful. Infection in the pulp of your tooth is. Before we begin treatment, Dr. Wallis applies a local anesthetic to ensure that the patient does not experience any discomfort. We then open the tooth to expose the root canal. Dr. Wallis cleans out the root, removing the pulp, nerves, and connective tissues, along with the infected material. The canal is cleansed, and then filled with a anti-bacterial rubber material which will both fill the space, while not allowing bacteria a space to come in. The tooth is closed with filling material, and then fitted for a dental crown. Your tooth’s strength has been compromised from our gaining entry to the root, so placing a crown is standard practice in most root canal treatments to provide additional strength.

Once the tooth has been cleared of bacteria and strengthened with a crown, it is restored and ready to resume regular use.

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Root Canals restore the health of your tooth if the pulp has become infected. Learn more on our site and schedule your appointment.
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